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G08Z01 Sterling Silver Pendant with 5 Interchangeable Gemstones
G08Z01 with amethyst, howlite, rose quartz, bright blue howlite and black & white striped agate
G08Z01 with dark blue howlite, tiger eye, unakite, rose quartz and black onyx
G08Z01 pendant with interchangeable stones
G08Z01 with snowflake obsidian and bright blue, red, purple and white mountain jade
925 or sterling silver hallmark

G08Z01 Sterling Silver Pendant with 5 Interchangeable Gemstones

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Designed and handmade by Rhonda, this Sterling Silver pendant comes with 5 interchangeable gemstones. Pendant is approx. 7cm long. Please note that because each pendant is handmade, there may be a little variation in each one. There may also be some minor variations in the gemstones as each stone is unique.
Choose your group of stones and neckwire. Pendants may also be worn on a long or short chain, leather or any other necklace depending on your style and preference.
Neckwire sizes are:-
Small - 38cm (circumference); Medium - 41cm; Large - 44cm; XLarge - 47cm